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Bill Booth and Bill Troiani (THE BILLS) are both well established and experienced American musicians, who have been living in Norway for many years. They have

played together as a duo and in different bands over the years, but oddly enough, they have never recorded and released music together – before now (sometimes

the best and biggest treasures are right in front of you ...).

Individually, these solid musicians have made their mark in the Norwegian music industry, covering a range of genres from blues to folk rock. They have published their own material, (gaining national and international accolades), and worked with some of the greatest artists in Norway.

With years of stage experience and a deep knowledge of American musical heritage, The Bills convey the essence of the American cultural character in a convincing and humorous way.


Since 2012 veteran musicians Billy T and Bill Booth have performed extensively as a duo, combining Billy T’s soul and blues style with Bill Booth’s Americana and folk to create their own sound. They are soon announcing the release of their first album as ”The Bills”.


The new songs follow traditional elements of ‹, combining their distinct vocal blend, Billy T’s driving bass, Bill Booth’s blues style fiddle and guitar work, with Alexander Pettersen’s rhythm on the drums.

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