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Bill Troiani. Photo_ Terje Johansen_Meta

Billy T (Bill Troiani) was born and raised in New York City.

He played with Eddie ”Bluesman” Kirkland for 12 years, and with The Tom Russell Band for 10 years.


Along the way he has also worked with many diverse artists, from Lightning Hopkins to Nanci Griffith.


Billy T moved to Oslo, Norway, in 1997, where he ran the house band at the ”Muddy Waters” blues club for 7 years.

Amund Maarud and Kid Andersen, two great Norwegian guitarists, are alumni of that band.


At ”Muddy Waters”, Billy T and band backed a number of well-known blues musicians, including Homesick James, Nappy Brown, Willie ”Big Eyes” Smith, Bill Sims and Tad Robinson - to name a few.


With the Billy T Band, Bill Troiani has released four

albums, and won the Spellemanns Prize in the Blues Category in 2010 and 2012, and was nominated again for their fourth album in 2016.

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